About me

Mthokozisi Nkosi was born in Mpumalanga Province, and grew up between two small townships, Volksrust and Perdekop. In the year 2000, he moved to Gauteng Province to live with his late father, and that`s where he completed his matric at Boitumelong Senior Secondary School.  He is an active member of Toastmasters International. He describes himself as being young, energetic and always full of life. He finds fulfillment in educating, motivating, inspiring, mentoring, coaching and helping others to realize their full potential. His priority lies in providing selfless service to all in need of help and advice.

After working as a claims administrator in a freight forwarding and supply chain company for eight years, he began to realise that he had not grown and had been doing the same thing all those years. There were no growth opportunities and besides that, he had no passion for the work he was engaged in. One day, while he was reading a book by Jim Rohn, he came across a quote which read, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”. Right there and then, Mthokozisi’s life changed. It all began with making one important decision. He decided that “enough is enough” so he took charge of his life and regained control. On April 2017, Mthokozisi self-published his first book titled, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Start Living Your Dream. This book is also available as an audio book narrated and produced by himself, using the skills that he learned from producing music from the comfort of his home.

Mthokozisi`s philosophy in life is that, you have the power to change from what you are –to what you have the potential of becoming –Believe you CAN, the ACT on it and you WILL achieve it in your life.

Mthokozisi`s Mission/ Purpose is:

To Impact , Influence, Inspire, Motivate and Transform the world one individual at a time.