Do What You Love and Love What You Do

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Most of us often spend our lives doing what we were trained to do. Some do what they were asked to do. And most of us do what others need us to do. All the while we wonder why the feeling of fulfillment eludes us”

_Bishop TD Jakes_


We sometimes tend to focus more on the challenges that life presents to us and then we forget or lose ourselves in the process. How often do you see your peers applying for jobs they don`t like just to escape the unemployment line?  Settling for less compensation than they deserve, because they pursue employment in the field of work that undermines the talents and skills they possess.

Then after some years, they begin to realize that there are no opportunities for growth. Most of us have been there. Stuck in the same place, doing routine work, wasting time and wasting our talents and skills, working for someone who found the thing they were created to do. We are afraid of going after what we always dream and fantasize about most of the time. The one thing that makes us tick.

Sometimes you just need to go down memory lane. Remember back when you were just a kid?  There was always this one thing that you enjoyed doing with a passion. When I was a kid growing up, I was very creative. I used to love drawing anything I came across, whether it`s a motorbike, a car, an animal, people and any object I laid my eyes on.  I was also in a primary school choir and used to sing gospel songs to my mother.

I wrote short comic stories and read them out to my classmates. When you are in primary, that`s when you get to know yourself a little bit better. You experiment with different activities until you find that one or two activities you love with a passion. It is where you discover most of your talents. And high-school just sort of helps you focus on what you love most because you`d be a teenager by then and you meet other like-minded teenagers and become close friends. High school is also where we lose ourselves most of the times because we mix with the wrong crowd, and there`s a lot of peerpressure. Sometimes you just need to go down memory lane. Remember back when you were just a kid?

Brian Tracy once said, As children, we are born with no fears, excerpt those of falling and loud noises. All other fears are taught to us as we grow up


We develop two fears and those are the fear of failure or loss and the fear of criticism or rejection. In order for all of us to start doing what we were created to do, we need to first conquer these two fears. We need to have faith, like when we were kids and go after what we love to do. You may be sitting there reading this and thinking that the reason you cannot succeed is that you lack funds, and that`s a lie. Let me be real with you.

The real reason why you are not succeeding is not that of lack of funds or resources but a lack of belief in yourself. You are afraid that you will get ridiculed; they will laugh and make fun of you if you fail. It`s true some will do, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

All you need to do is decide to get started, right where you are. Feel the fear and just keep taking action and you will begin to see incredible things happen. You may not necessarily need to quit your job, but rather use the money that you get from your job to finance whatever it is that you want.

TAKE ACTION right where you are and as you keep pushing and challenging yourself, you will begin to love what you do and doing what you love. All you need to do is keep planting seeds and when harvesting time comes. You will go straight to your current boss and uttered the words “I QUIT” and it’s not because you are not happy with the opportunities they provided you, but because you are going to do what you were created to do instead of what you are always told to do and what others expect of you.

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