Talk Life Into Your Dream

A lot of people don`t realise that what they say about their dreams has a great influence on whether their dreams becomes a reality. Your self-talk about what`s possible or impossible for you determines the actions you take today. Most of you don’t believe in your own greatness. You always talk death into your dreams, and then wonder why you are not moving forward to achieve bigger things in life. It`s about time you start talking life into your dreams. It`s about time you started believing in your own potential, and stop all the negative talks you keep having with yourself.

As much as we are influenced by the people we are surrounded by each day. We are also mostly influenced by what we say to ourselves about what’s possible for us. There more negative thoughts we think, there more negative words we says which results in us taking more negative actions, and achieving results that don’t help us grow.

Our words have great power. When you say something to yourself or about your dream, make sure that it`s always something positive. Negativity should have no place in your life. It is death to your dreams and you should refuse to associate with anyone or anything related to it.

If you want to achieve greatness in your life, you must not make a study of mediocrity. The life of mediocrity begins when you speak words that are not congruent with what you want to achieve. It is negative self-talk that kills dreams more than what someone else says to you. The most imperative words are the ones you say to yourself.

The way you talk to that man or woman in the mirror influences the results you get in your life. I remember when I participated at a Toastmasters International speech contest. I had a short time to prepare; it is what I said to myself that gave me the strength and creativity for writing my winning speech. When I was asked if I could do it, I said, “I know I can if I put my mind to it.” And that set me up for achievement. As a result of those words, I won and got first place at the contest.
If you want to ensure that your dream becomes a reality some day, you should make it a point that you say something positive about it every day. This may sound insane but you should tell your dream that it’s possible. Tell your dream that you will make it come true.

Tell your dream that you will never give up on it until you make it a reality. Express gratitude and speak as though your dream has already come true. You were not created to live an average life. You were created to be at the driver`s seat and controlling your life’s steering wheel. You drive the results you get into your life with the words you say about your dream. Today, as of this moment; start speaking life into your dream.


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